China: Cat Meat Trade


Fear is clearly visible and etched on the face of each cat in the photograph, as these cats wait for their death in a holding cage at a Chinese slaughterhouse. Cats are treated dreadfully and suffer tremendous anguish, trauma and cruel treatment before being brutally slaughtered. In most cat eating countries cats are bludgeoned then boiled alive to make what’s believed to be a FAKE “health drink”, also  known as cat tonic.

Prior to slaughter in South Korea, cats usually have their legs bound tightly together, for hours and sometimes days as they languish in death cages, surrounded by dying and dead cats, either in the cages or at the hand of butchers.

Cat’s in China are usually put in a bag which is fully sealed and the bag is then bludgeoned with a hammer to deliberately break the cat’s bones, which is usually carried out by a woman cat butcher. They call it “tenderising.” Of course the killer cannot even see where the cat’s head is, as it’s entire body is inside the bag! Another method is to put the cat in a hessian bag, seal it and slam it into the concrete, causing multiple broken bones on impact.

Neither of these methods kill the cats. Severely injured and traumatised, the live cats are then tossed into boiling water and boiled for a few minutes only! ALIVE, the screaming cats are fished out of the boiling water, hung on a hook through their lower jaw and skinned then tossed back into the boiling water and fully cooked.

Because cats are smaller than dogs, their usually warehoused,  in disused buildings, which is another form of farming, except it’s indoors. In winter the cats freeze and in summer they bake with the heat. Being warehoused means cats are often living in congested over-crammed cages for long periods of time until they get shipped off for slaughter.

How any of the cats in the cat meat trade survive up until slaughter is beyond me. The crammed cages of cats are manhandled, thrown on and off trucks as cat’s legs and tails break on impact of landing. Gripped with terror, the cat’s bodies are rigid inside the cages, making them more vulnerable to severe injury.

Different cat eating countries have different reasons for eating or drinking cats, although most of them falsely believe in Traditional Chinese Medicine which involves eating cats and dogs. Even though most cats are hated in Vietnam, many people FALSELY believe eating a cat’s spine brings good luck when eaten at the right time of the month.

In South Korea I have seen the big vats in which cats are boiled alive in, at Moran Market. I stood in the room with several tall vats bubbling and boiling, knowing they contained cats, kittens, puppies and toy dog breeds. I felt ill but could not show any emotion while talking to the Elixir butcher,  as I gathered as much information as possible without him knowing.

SayNoToSogMeat.Net are fighting just as hard for cats as for dogs. Both trades are despicable and must be halted! What are your thoughts on the cat meat trade? Please leave a message beneath the petitions. (Photo not credited by

Michele Brown

SayNoToDogMeat.Net will bring petitions into effect for China, Indonesia and India after the South Korean petition has been hand delivered to that government. China is firmly opposed to anyone speaking against their government. Delivering our SayNoToDogMeat.Net’s South Korean petition is an important step in fighting China’s dog and cat meat trade.





Please Email This Letter To The Muslim Council:

Please Email This Request For Aid For The People Of Turkana, Kenya, To The Department For International Development

Please politely Email This Letter To The Governor of Nigeria and ask them to remove dog and cat meat off the menu in Lagos, Jos and Abuja. The new email address is:



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